Gold Rush (MO)

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February 6, 2024
Gold Rush (MO) Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the competitive Missouri cannabis market, Gold Rush (MO) has shown a varied performance across different product categories, as evidenced by their rankings from October 2023 to January 2024. Notably, in the Missouri Concentrates category, they made a commendable jump from not being in the top 20 in October to securing the 20th spot in December, indicating a significant improvement in their market position. However, they experienced a slight drop to the 23rd position by January 2024, suggesting a need to maintain momentum to stay competitive. Similarly, in the Edibles category, their rankings remained outside the top 30, hovering around the 34th to 36th positions, which points towards a relatively stable, yet not leading, market presence in this category.

On the other hand, Gold Rush (MO) demonstrated a strong and improving presence in the Flower category within the Missouri market, moving up from the 26th position in October 2023 to the 20th by January 2024. This upward trajectory, coupled with a significant increase in sales from 481,480 in October 2023 to 763,123 by January 2024, underscores their growing dominance and consumer preference in this segment. Conversely, their performance in the Pre-Roll and Vapor Pens categories tells a different story, with rankings slipping further away from the top 20. Specifically, in Vapor Pens, they faced a steep decline, moving from the 49th to the 60th position, which highlights a critical area for improvement or reevaluation of strategy to capture consumer interest in a highly competitive market.

Jan-2024 Rank
Vapor Pens

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the Missouri flower market, Gold Rush (MO) has shown a notable trajectory in its rank and sales over the recent months. Starting from October 2023, Gold Rush (MO) moved from the 26th position up to the 20th by January 2024, indicating a positive shift in its market presence. This upward movement is particularly impressive when considering the performance of its competitors. For instance, Cookies has seen an improvement in rank but remains outside the top 20 as of January 2024. Similarly, Sundro Cannabis, despite holding a stronger position initially, experienced a slight decline, dropping to the 18th position by January 2024. Atta made a significant leap in rank, moving from being outside the top 40 to the 25th position, showcasing a remarkable increase in sales. Meanwhile, The Solid saw a decrease in both rank and sales, moving down to the 23rd position. These movements highlight the dynamic nature of the Missouri flower market and underscore Gold Rush (MO)'s steady climb as a noteworthy achievement amidst fluctuating competitor performances.

Gold Rush (MO) market ranking for MO Flower

Notable Products

In January 2024, Gold Rush (MO) saw Martian Candy (3.5g) as its top-selling product with impressive sales figures of 2852 units, marking it as the leading product in the Flower category. Following closely was Cookies and Cream (3.5g), which secured the second position, indicating a strong preference for these strains among consumers. Notably, Martian Candy (7g) experienced a positive shift in its ranking, moving up from the 5th position in December 2023 to the 3rd in January 2024, showcasing a growing interest in larger quantity packages. Dragon Fruit (7g) and Cookies & Cream (Bulk) also made it to the top 5, ranking 4th and 5th respectively, rounding out a diverse selection of Flower category offerings. This analysis highlights a significant consumer interest in varied strains and package sizes from Gold Rush (MO), with notable shifts in product preferences and rankings over the recent months.

Product Rank
Martian Candy (3.5g)
Cookies and Cream (3.5g)
Martian Candy (7g)
Dragon Fruit (7g)
Cookies & Cream (Bulk)
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